Thursday, 20 February 2014

When you're

having a 'why did I uproot my support system - this is not for me' day, getting a text like this is all it takes to tip you over the edge, take out some tissues and break open a bag of Chicos:

We miss u too

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Moving on

There are only 2 more sleeps until my friend Maggie and I move into a sweet little house with her little dog and despite the hatred I have for packing and moving, I am just so looking forward to this time next week when we're in our new place.

Since moving to Brisbane in 2004, I have lived in seven different places. I boarded with a very unhappy couple at Red Hill, shared a townhouse with two school friends (and for a few months, an Arnold Schwarzenegger obsessed guy), loved living a great unit at Gordon Park before moving to Gaythorne and The Gap before momentarily sharing with my good friend Taylor at an impressive place at Wooloowin. For the last two years, working and living in boarding at school was not only really convenient but actually one of the best life choices I've made. Living in a community like this would be pretty difficult for most people but it has been the right choice for me as it gave me a chance to get my head around my money and prioritise my career in a way I had never had before. Thinking about might time at school, easily one of the things I will miss the most is working in boarding.

Thanks to some serious motivation from Smaggle, I have been culling away over the past few days. I even culled old cards and letters that didn't hold the sentimental value I thought they did. While I still have boxes and boxes of general 'stuff' I don't feel weighed down by all the things I forgot existed.

The move will mean departing the oldest place I've ever lived; built as a seminary in 1930 it has since housed boarders, offices and staff.
Despite the fact that it is (supposedly) haunted, the roof has leaked and I have had my water intermittently turned off, living up here has been peaceful and comforting. One of my favourite things about living in here is the amazing view I have of an afternoon; it is all trees and birds and the setting sun hitting it all. I feel lucky to have lived in a building that is already so rich with history.

Where has been your favourite home?

Friday, 3 January 2014


There are few things I can say or feel that Dallas Clayton can't say in an infinitely more interesting and sweet way:

In 2014 I hope to compete in my first sporting event, take better care of my money and travel somewhere new.

And like all those blogs before me, I wondered whether you have decided upon any resolutions?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


My little sister, Brodie, wrote this article about the relationship she has with my sister Shannon and I. It is an odd thing for me to read but I think she did a really good job.
Head on over to Rookie to check it out.

This was stuck in my head after reading it.

I'm keen to hear what your relationship with your siblings was and is now like. Let me know.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Roadtrip: Brisbane -> Melbourne

About 2 months ago, my friend Mez moved to Melbourne for work. My sister has also lived down there for the last few years and I never get to visit as much as I would like to.

With flights as exxy as they are, I've decided to do a Eastern Australia roadtrip and get from Brisbane to Melbourne between December 26 and December 31.

Obviously, I will also be driving back up as well. Probably around the 3rd of January-7th or so. If you were me, where would you visit?

Have you done the trip and do you have any other tips for long road trips? The longest I've done is about 5 hours.

Monday, 16 September 2013

In threes

This afternoon I saw a trucker driver climb out of his truck and bang on the window of the ute in front of me. I quickly locked the doors.

20 minutes later a toddler ran behind my car as I was reversing and I missed hitting him by a split second.

Arriving home I found a bird was stuck in my room, perched, chirping and bashing into the window above my bed.

Thank goodness those three are over.

But also, thank goodness none of it was any worse. The truckie and the ignorant ute driver are fine. The toddler climbed into his car, clutching his little bunny toy and two boarders came up and corralled the bird to get it to fly out the window.


Saturday, 7 September 2013

A mini-makeover

In case you didn't know, Life Like Lola recently underwent a mini-makeover. While I can TRY really hard to understand pixels of images and html codes (I know what 'br' means so I am coping okay..), I figured I would be more inclined to blog if I felt like I liked Lola.

I know, it's like buying pretty gym clothes just so you'll get there. So call me Lorna Jane if you need to but regardless, I think Lola is looking pretty pretty.

And to Christina, whose work I had admired, thank you so much! I was surprised to realise that discussing back and forth over email my wants and needs for a blog would be so easy.

Go here to see Christina's work and to hire her to make your blog just as pretty.